Care Guide


How do I care for my Untamed Dreamer Jewellery?

☆ Our jewellery doesn't like to get wet. So avoid wearing your pieces in the shower, ocean, pools, baths, etc.

☆ Be gentle with your jewellery. Avoid banging or scraping your jewellery on hard surfaces. Also avoid contact with perfume and lotions.

☆ Store your jewels in a safe place in the protective pouch and out of contact with direct sunlight.

☆ We do not recommend wearing our beaded jewellery when sleeping or partaking in strenuous tasks and activities.

☆ Even if you’ve played by all the rules mentioned above, gold-plated jewellery will tarnish over time once it has been in contact with your skin’s oils. Constant contact with water, sweat or other substances will ruin the top layer of gold and therefore lead to premature tarnishing.